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Why Drip Coffee Bags?

Why drip coffee bags?

Drip Coffee Bags back to 1990, in the land of the rising sun: JAPAN.


(Japanese for: That’s right!)


These small pockets of heavenly drops are perfect for the on-the-go life ( as well as the easy-on-the-bank life too).

While the trend started in Japan, we improved these drip coffee bags in Australia by packing them on a daily basis with freshly roasted premium coffee to ensure you have the perfect brew every time. 


So, what makes these drip coffee bagsso popular? Ummm, everything?!



while maintaining


How to use drip coffee bags?

How to use drip coffee bags?

Most of us are used to dipping and pouring over teabags in the afternoon. It is a ritual of second nature. Well, these drip coffee bags follow a process as simple, with a small twist. It involves mounting and pouring! The drip coffee bags come with two handles that can be easily folded out, allowing the drip bag to be mounted on almost any cup of your choice. Moreover, just like you dip a teabag a few times to let that herbal goodness diffuse into your cup, a few pours over your drip coffee bag will let that coffee goodness seep through the filter.

Most importantly, if you bought Grounded Drops drip coffee bags, you are guaranteed the same texture, the same taste and the same divine aroma you get every time. Skimp on the water for a strong brew, or pour in a little more for a lighter taste.

No waiting in line. No fancy (and God so expensive) equipment. And the luxury of having a premium cup where ever you are on your adventure or even at work.  What else can you ask for ?! 



drip coffee bags

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