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6 Reasons Why Coffee is Good for Us


As if we needed more reasons to love coffee! But just in case, we have listed some of the most interesting benefits of coffee for you below. So next time you’re mounting and pouring over your morning dose, you can recall some of these benefits and feel your body and spirit being uplifted with every sip! Even better, next time you are stuck in an argument or catch a frown from a coffee hater, you can throw these facts at them like a boss.


  1. Energy Booster (the main reason why most of us are die-hard coffee fans): Caffeine is well-known as an adenosine-receptor antagonist. What is Adenosine? It is what facilitates sleep in our body. The more caffeine sticks to these receptors, the fewer receptors left for adenosine to bind to and therefore the less sleepy you are!


  1. FOCUS: Caffeine triggers the secretion of adrenaline, the hormone responsible for your attention levels. A three-hour lecture ahead? COUNT US READY! Coffee drinking also correlates with lower chances at Alzheimer and dementia.
  2. Mood Uplifter: do we love coffee because it makes us happy? Or are we happy because we love coffee? Caffeine triggers the body to produce more dopamine in the brain’s pleasure zone. In fact, caffeine was shown to reduce depression and anxiety. It can even cut the chances of suicide by 45% (don’t believe us? Ask Harvard!).
  3. Appetite Suppression: For those of you struggling to stay away from the cafeteria brownies, opting for coffee could suppress that unpleasant appetite for you.
  4. Antioxidants: With more antioxidants than a serving of grape, berries and oranges, coffee is all for fighting off any inflammation and reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases.
  5. Fibre: A cup of coffee has around 1.8g of fibre, that extra boost we need for number two! However, don’t overdo it and give yourself diaherrea! Also, try to drink coffee at least an hour after food consumption, as it can prohibit the body from properly absorbing the calcium and iron available in your intake.


Get your drip coffee bag ready, sip and reflect on all this goodness!!

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