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Brewing Coffee with No Electricity

Brewing Coffee with No Electricity

One of the best things about camping is being able to enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning. With all that hiking, biking, and exploring it's important to stay fuelled. But what if you're out on your adventure and realize there isn't any way to brew up your favourite morning drink? Don't sweat it! There are plenty of ways to make delicious cups of joe without electricity or batteries required!. Here are 9 ways for making great tasting coffee while on a road trip, camping, or just living life on the go! 

1. Percolator

The old-fashioned percolator just got an upgrade with some new models that are compact and lightweight enough to take on a camping trip. With this type of coffeemaker, water boils just like inside the kitchen stove at home and then moves up through a tube where it goes over or through the ground coffee until it falls back into the bottom chamber as brewed hot coffee. The percolator requires a heat source, such as a campfire or propane stove.

percolator coffee outdoors

2. Use a French Press / Plunger

This method of coffee-making is simple and produces a flavour that can't be beat if you want to drink good coffee while camping. Heat the water in one pot, transfer it into another (larger) vessel with the ground beansafter you've stirred them in, put the lid on top of the container where you'll let the mixture sit for around 10 minutes, then push down on your plunger until your mug is filled with fresh grounds. 

French Press Coffee

3. Try the "cowboy" method

Fill a pot with water and bring it to a boil before putting a few tablespoons of ground coffeeinto a cup. Next, pour in enough water to soak the grounds, let them sit for 10 minutes, then add another 3-4 cups of hot water. It is always best to experiment with different ratios until you find one that works well for you and your group when camping.

5. Use an Aeropress

If you're looking for something that's convenient and lightweight, then maybe an Aeropress is just what you need. This little gadget works when water is heated inside the chamber before being quickly pushed through the filter into another container which can hold around 4 shots of concentrated coffee. While this method takes longer than other types of coffeemakers, it has many advantages, including portability and quick filters if you want to put some cold milk in your cup instead of hot water


6. Try a Hand Press

This is another type of plunger coffeemaker that works with coarsely ground coffee and hot water. As the name indicates, it can be used simply by pressing down on a simple glass jar to create fresh brew inside with no electricity required whatsoever! The best part about this specific model is its size, which makes it ideal for campers who are short on space or weight when packing their equipment into the wilderness.

7. Try Turkish Coffee

This type of coffee is more common in Eastern Europe where it's made by slowly pouring grounds into a pot of boiling water which creates a thick layer of sludge on top that is then scooped off with a spoon into individual cups. Since there are no filters used here, sediment will be left behind regardless of how careful you are so be sure to take the time to savor every last drop. Just don't forget that this sort of coffee is much stronger than any other method so start with a small cup and drink slowly!

turkish coffee

8. Cold Brew Coffee

Cold brew coffee is becoming popular in many parts of the world because just like hot brewed coffee, it can be drunk on its own or you can add milk or/ice cubes to it. Perfect for the summer!

For the simplest Cold Brew with no mess and no headache try our Cold Brew Coffee Bags here. It can be prepared with a simple steps 

  1. Place two or three Cold Brew Bags into 600ml of water in a jug, jar or bottle.

  2. Leave in the fridge overnight to brew (~ 12 hours).

  3. Once ready, take out from the fridge. Serve cold.

  4. Feel free to add milk and/or ice. 

  5. If too strong, customise to your liking by adding milk or water.

  6. Enjoy!

cold brew coffee bags

You can also check out how Harry Fisher from the famous Fire To Fork channel makes Coffee using our Cold Brew Bags.

9. Drip Coffee Bags.

Also Called Parachute Coffee Bag, Pachit Bags or Pour Over Bags. 

The most simple method out of all other brewing methods. Each filter bag is pre-packed with ground coffee. All you need is to pull the handles out, place it on a cup and pour hot water. Each time you pour let the coffee filter before pouring again. The more times you pour the less concentrated/strong your coffee will be. Our drip coffee bags are packed with 14 grams of premium speciality coffee to give you the best cuppa. Check them out.

 Parachute Coffee Bags

drip coffee bags

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