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Brew Delicious Coffee with a Plunger (French Press) - Step by Step Tutorial

Step-by-Step Guide To Making the Perfect Cup of Plunger Coffee

How to use french press coffee? 

Step 1 - Make sure your plunger is clean and dry before use.
Step 2 - Measure out the amount of coffee you need into the bottom of the plunger. The more coffee you use the stronger your cuppa becomes.
Step 3 - Heat up some water to around 93-96C and slowly pour it over the grounds, filling until just below the top of the grounds (or your desired level).
Step 4 - Wait for 4 minutes as the grounds steep in hot water and allow all those flavours to come out!
Step 5 - Place a slightly damp cloth over the top of your plunger to reduce condensation, then press down slowly until all grounds are at the bottom.
Step 6 - Pour yourself a cup of fresh and delicious plungers coffee, add any desired milk or sugar if you wish, and enjoy!

Equipment Needed for Brewing Coffee with a Plunger / French Press

In order to make plunger coffee, several pieces of equipment are needed. These include:

step by step instruction using coffee plunger french press


The Benefits of Brewing Using a Plunger Coffee ( French Press ) 

Why use a coffee plunger / French press?

Brewing coffee with a plunger can be an incredibly rewarding experience that provides many benefits over other brewing methods. From a deeper and more intense aroma to a smoother and richer taste, each cup of plunger coffee is unique in flavour and aroma. Here are just some of the benefits associated with using a plunger to brew coffee:

Intense Aroma

Unlike other brewing methods which can often produce bitter or sour flavour, plungers are known for their ability to capture the full range of aromas associated with freshly ground beans. This creates a fuller bodied cup of coffee, with complex flavours that linger on the palate longer.

Using plunger coffee french press camping

More Complex Flavour

When brewing plungers, you get a much deeper flavour than you would from other brewing methods. As the grounds stay submerged in hot water for much longer compared to traditional drip brewers or pour overs, this allows more flavour compounds from the bean to become extracted from them. This means that each cup has something new to offer as you explore different kinds of beans.

Richer Taste

Because plungers contain an inner filter that catches all the grounds in one place, this prevents any sediment from making its way into your cup. This results in an incredibly smooth and rich tasting cup of coffee that highlights delicate undertones and subtle nuances like chocolate or nutty hints in each sip.

Cost-Effective Brewing Method

Plungers are also incredibly cost-effective compared to other brewers because they tend to last longer without needing replacement parts like paper filters or pricey aluminium kettles. And, because they don’t require electricity like some automatic brewers do, this makes them even more budget friendly!

With all these amazing benefits combined, it’s easy to see why many people choose plunger coffee for their daily caffeine fix! Whether it’s for enjoying at home or gifting someone special, enjoy every sip - knowing you’ve made the perfect cup!

Need a quicker and more convenient brewing method that is perfect for on-the-go when you don't have time to use a plunger / french press? Try our drip coffee bags here.

Frequently asked questions on brewing with a coffee plunger:

- How much coffee to use in a coffee plunger?

A heaping spoon (around 8 grams of ground coffee ) for each 200ml of water.

- How long do you leave the ground coffee in the plunger?

After pouring the hot water ( DO NOT USE BOILING WATER, it will burn your coffee grounds), let is sit for around 3 to 4 minutes before you start plunging/pressing the handle down. 

- How to make a plunger coffee stronger? 

Just like any other brewing method, use less water or add more coffee for a stronger cuppa. 

- How many spoons of coffee for a plunger coffee? 

One large spoon ( around 8 grams of ground coffee) for every 200ml of water.

- What is a french press coffee?

A french press is basically another name for a coffee plunger. 

Here is a video that will show you how to use a coffee plunger / french press step by step 


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