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Wanting to Brew your own Coffee?

Opting to make your coffee at home? Whether you are trying to save a few dollars on your much-needed daily dose of caffeine, or you are trying to save some time at work from running own to the nearest café or if you are just entertaining guests, making coffee at home does not need to be any less delicious than what you’re used to. You just need to be mindful of two main components: (1) the coffee beans and (2) the equipment being used!

Before you go above and beyond with your bucks, we have summarized the FAQs for you below! 

Q: How expensive does my espresso machine need to be?

A: Less than you think! A couple of hundred dollars is a good start, especially for beginner “home baristas”. As machines can also be sold when you’re itching for an upgrade, it is better to start small before committing a couple of grands to this.

Of course, the best coffee machines out there are for Nespresso which can be found on the below link 

For other options, you can visit The Good Guys" to find out more types


Q: Do I need a grinder?

A: Simply put, the fresher your grounded beans are the better your coffee drink will taste. However, a grinder, as with the machine, does not need to cost you an arm and a leg. Good grinders start from as little as $50, for grinders using the pulse-technique. As you go higher up the price range, you will get grinders that give you more control over the process – which will become more and more necessary to you as you experiment more. Bear in mind, grinders are a must for espresso and non-espresso lovers!

Q: Is a tamper important?

A: Tampers are often known as the barista’s bestie! Unfortunately, most home espresso machines come with plastic tampers whose basic function of compressing the coffee is often .. “meh”. Instead, go for a tamper with a hand-fitting handle and a stainless steel base for that even tamp and distribution needed to make a good coffee. For that, you’re looking at a price range of $60-$300. 

Q: What if I don’t like espresso?

A: Easy! Take out the espresso machine and bring on the manual brewing. No machine means no pre-set heating and extraction times. In other words, a little more work and attention from your end. That’s all.  You might want to note down what how you’re brewing your coffee each time… yup, it’s a learning experience! Your brewing setup will basically need (1) a brewer, (2) kettle (or stove-top!), (3) a grinder (as above) and (4) a scale (to get your ratios right, with a little trial and error).

There you have it! Our tips and tricks for setting up for a perfect home-made cup of coffee.

Of course, here at Grounded Drops, we offer the convenience of the consistent blend, fresh aroma, and smooth textured coffee every time with our simple Mount and Pour bags (drip bag coffee) ! All you need is hot water. Simply mount the “wings” of the drip coffee bag on your favorite cup, pour over with hot water and it’s ready!


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