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What is Air Roasting?

The roasting method of coffee beans makes a huge difference when it comes to the flavour of your coffee. Most of the coffee beans available to you nowadays are drum roasted due to several complex reasons, ranging from flexibility in control to maintenance and to culture and tradition. However, air roasting brings the best quality out of the beans and we are here to tell you why.

How does air roasting work?

The beans are roasted on a hot air bed, also known as a roasting chamber. The chamber allows the beans to be suspended and allows each individual bean to evenly and perfectly roasted.

As the beans pop and crack, the chaff (the skin) is removed. This is super important because the chaff usually burns and smokes in drum roasting, and it is these burned chaffs that give your coffee a bitter taste. It is these burned chaffs that masks the natural, and oh so beautiful, flavour of the coffee. It is also these burned chaffs that give you that sour feeling in your stomach.

Finally, once the desired roast level of the beans is reached, a cooling process starts to bring you a perfect batch of grounded coffee at room temperature. A batch that is consistent in flavour, consistent in texture, consistent in aroma... every single time!

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