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$9.95 flat rate Shipping within AU - Free Shipping for all orders over $70

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Starting the morning strong - Morning Hack!

These days you hear a lot about different high achievers starting their mornings early and starting strong with a set routine. Whether you're an early riser or a late one that all depends on what works for you. But we think starting your morning with a cup of coffee and time to reflect and plan your day ahead is a must.

Planning your day with a pen & paper could result in a miracle list that will almost guarantee you have a productive day. Try keeping this list limited to 5 or 6 tasks that you need to tick off no matter what and then you are free to get on with your day as you wish.

So turn on that kettle and let the water heat up, take a drip coffee bag filled with Grounded Drop's fresh air roasted coffee and brew yourself a cuppa to start working on that list and achieve the impossible!


PS: We all fall into busy periods every now and then so make sure you are subscribed to our coffee monthly subscription to get the drip coffee bags delivered to your door with no hassle.


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