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The Best way to make Quality Camping Coffee!

The Best way to make Quality Camping Coffee - Using Drip Coffee Bags 

Are you one of those who are missing out on the luxury of having a coffee outdoors because making it is too complicated for the outdoors/camping and you don't believe in "instant coffee"?

Camping / outdoor coffee doesn't have to be that complicated, messy, time-consuming and it doesn't need bulky or heavy equipment. Well, it doesn't really need any equipment! 
With the drip coffee bags, you can have a perfect cuppa every time by just adding hot water. This is not an "instant coffee" quality. Each drip coffee bag is packed with at least 14g of premium single-origin coffee air roasted to perfection. 
While the trend started in Japan, we improved these enviro-friendly drip coffee bagsin Australia by packing them with premium speciality coffee to ensure you have the perfect consistent brew every time. 
camping coffee

Here is a step by step guide to making a cup with the drip coffee bags.

We recommend using around 200ml of hot water. Once the water is boiling wait around 20 seconds for it to cool down to avoid burning your coffee.

Start with pouring a bit of water to wet the coffee and let it bloom for 30 seconds to extract the flavour (you can skip this step if you like your coffee really hot).

Then continue pouring the bag till the top and wait for it to filter. Repeat 2 or 3 more times (depends how strong you like your coffee). 

If you like your coffee with milk, we would fill the filter bag twice and let it filter then heat the milk and add it to the coffee. 

So wherever life takes you and no matter what outdoor adventure you are seeking our fresh roasted coffee will give you the boost to get you further. Give them our intro pack a try and be the judge. Money-back guaranteed if you don't like them. No questions asked.

drip bag step by step camping coffee


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