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6 Mistakes to Avoid when Preparing a Cup of Coffee!

    Many of us reach out to that cup of coffee to get a quick and easy boost of energy, whether it is in the early morning or in the afternoon. However, you should not be as quick with your choice of coffee nor with how you drink it. Coffee quality is not to be taken lightly. How beans grow, how they are transported, and how they are brewed can make all the difference to your cup of joy. Though these processes, for the most part, are out of the average coffee drinker’s reach, there is still plenty you can do to get the most out of your daily cup of goodness.

    1. Treat it like a piece of bread rather than a can of tuna

    While you probably wouldn’t flip a can of tuna to check the expiry date (seriously, does it even have one?), you are more likely to check when your loaf of bread has been baked. As such, your coffee should be treated! Coffee is far from a long-life product. Buying fresh coffee is key to ensuring you are drinking a cup of goodness each time.

    1. Buy it fresh… and consume it while it’s still fresh!

    Studies show that coffee that lasts in your cupboard for longer than a month is most likely to become stale coffee. So, do your math carefully! To ensure you are drinking good quality coffee, do not buy more than a month’s supply at a time. 

    1. Time your brewing!

    What do you do after pouring hot water onto your coffee? Stir and sip?? Experts recommend you let your coffee brew for a couple of minutes, but no more than four!

    1. Keep it clean!

    Often, people make a fresh pot of coffee without fully cleaning out the cafetiere after the last batch. That old coffee that's stuck inside is just bad flavour.

    1. Don’t cover up the bad taste!

    We understand that a lot of people like to have milk and sugar with their coffee. Whether they find the bitterness too much for them, or whether they just can’t live without the sweet taste, we understand the urge is there. These add-ons might only feel necessary when the coffee quality is lacking. You might not feel the same urge with freshly grounded and properly brewed coffee. next time you rush for these add-ons (and extra calories for those of you who keep count!)

    Look for a good source. You will be surprised to find how that bitter taste you hate and try to mask often, is not really there anymore.

    1. Take cheap instant coffee out of the question!

    As per all the above, the process of getting freshly grounded coffee to your cup is a long and difficult one. With it comes quite a price tag. When some people offer it at irresistibly cheap prices, be sure that something or more in their supply chain is lacking.


    Rest assure, at Grounded Drops, we got you covered!

    6 mistakes to avoid when preparing your cup of coffee

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